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Multi M Consulting

Multim Consulting brings to its clients an unusually wide reach and depth of resources in developing solutions for the world of transportation. MulTim is responsible for planning, tendering, contracting and marketing the region’s haulers. The operation of the trucks is contracted to various transport companies we are working with.

In total, our company serves more than 100 trucks and serves over 30 haulers.

Our professional team of logistics experts will consider multimple factors as they specifically match carriers and customers. Our logistic team services our customers, creates solutions and keeps our client busy with consistent loads as much as it is possible and transport markets allows.

Multim Consulting successfully communicates with haulers truck drivers because of mutual trust. When it comes to your profession, you do not need to be misled, lied to, or treated unfairly.  MulTim Consulting is the difference.  As the best company to work with, we’ve set up a system where communication is key and trust is evident.

You will have a good relationship with your dispatcher and they will know you specifically.  It’s in MulTim Consulting best interest that we know you and help you succeed.  Whether it is operations, safety, payroll, or the shop, you will be working with people that know you and are looking out for your success.

We have built a culture that serves our customer’s needs while making Multim Consulting the best logistic center to work with. Mutual trust, respect and appreciation are what you, as a truck driver or hauler deserve. As road truck driver, you have a difficult job – so you should at least work with company that you trust, that respects you and appreciates your effort.